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Standout Coffee

Yeferson Olaya, El Tesoro Tabi Natural - Colombia Yeferson Olaya, El Tesoro Tabi Natural - Colombia
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Experience the unique Tabi variety roasted by Standout Coffee from Stockholm. Produced by third-generation coffee grower Yeferson Olaya, this vibrant coffee bursts with lush fruity flavors and sweet nuances, embodying the rich heritage of Colombian coffee with a modern twist. In this cup you will find sweetness like brown sugar and notes of cherry, caramel and the acidity reminds us of green apples. The overall cup is sparkling and exciting, hitting the sweet spot between specialty coffee and competition-style coffee, with a taste profile that is both exciting and unique.




Brown sugar · Cherry · Caramel · Green apple




Anaerobic · Natural




Single Origin

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Standout Coffee
Oskar Garberg and Alexander Ruas
Stockholm, Sweden
Only the finest beans from renowned coffee-growing regions.
Why We Love Standout Coffee
Standout Coffee goes beyond the norm to redefine the coffee experience. It is not just about roasting beans, but 'roasting dreams'. We admire their dedication to elevating the coffee industry, not just in terms of bean quality but also in enhancing the customer experience and fostering collaborations with producers and farmers. We particularly appreciate their focus on limited micro lots, rare varieties, and innovative processing methods, which not only cater to the tastes of coffee aficionados but also provide unique options for baristas and cafes. The expertise and precision behind their selection, curated by acclaimed Barista Champions, reflect the high standards we value at xBloom. Standout Coffee's passion for excellence and innovation in the world of specialty coffee resonates deeply with us, inspiring our journey in offering exceptional coffee experiences.
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