Fresh Ground Pour Over Coffee, Effortlessly

Designed to be effortless, xBloom combines clever mechanics and the art of making coffee into one elegantly designed, simple-to-use machine.

With a simple touch of a button, your artisan homebrew is ready to sip whenever the moment requires it.

The Only Gear You'll Ever Need to Make A Perfect Pour Over

Crafted Performance Every Step of The Way

The Best Coffee By People, For People

For every pour, we celebrate and empower the people behind the beans. By sharing their stories, we breathe life not only into your mornings

but into local and global businesses, independent suppliers, artisan coffee shops, and incredible growers.

Our marketplace is about authenticity and connection to origin; you’re here to be inspired and to learn about the journey your beans have been on.


Great Coffee Made Green

Our xPods are 100% biodegradable. Turn your xPods into seed incubators and enjoy

a second bloom of coffee on your windowsil.

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