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Last Updated: September 08, 2023

From the very beginning, xbloom has had a globally-minded mission: to connect people over a cup of great coffee. One of the most common questions we receive is: “when is xbloom coming to my country?” and the answer is “very soon”! We’re working hard to bring xbloom and xPods to coffee lovers around the world - keep an eye on our social media for announcements, and check back soon at this page for updates regarding xbloom in your country or region!

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Company: Imperial Group for Hotel & Restaurant Supplies

Country: Kuwait

Name: Mostafa al-Alayan, B.D. Executive Manager


1. What first interested you about xbloom as a product to distribute?

I was on the hunt for the next new thing, and after having tried the various pods and machines available, I found drip coffee really allowed me to appreciate the subtle notes in various coffee blends, however it's not widely available at most cafes, and making it yourself takes some extra time. xBloom came in and solved all these issues, the design and execution was what first got my attention. It was so simple, yet achieved perfectly brewed results.

2. What kind of customer are you most excited to share xbloom with?

 I am excited to be the first in Kuwait’s market to provide for customers who are just as passionate about coffee as I am, who will truly appreciate the unique design of the machine and the quality of coffee that can be produced by xBloom. And even those who are new to the coffee market will appreciate the convenience of drip coffee made with xBloom.

3. Why do you feel xbloom is a great fit for your country or regional market?

Coffee is part of the culture in the GCC, as essential as an espresso in Italy. Our people are intrigued by the various methods and mixes of preparing a cup of coffee, and drip coffee is an especially sought after drink, with few truly convenient and accessible options. So xBloom will definitely be an exciting addition to the market.

4. Do you have a personal story with coffee, or a "wow!" moment that made you appreciate coffee on a deeper level?

I’ve grown up in a household with coffee lovers. Both my parents have had coffee every single morning since I can remember. I naturally became a coffee lover growing up and it became part of my daily life as well. I’ve met most of the people I know over a cup of coffee. To me coffee is more than just a drink, it’s a culture, an introduction - it’s a connection.