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Verve Holiday Blend Verve Holiday Blend
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Verve's Holiday Blend highlights the warmth and whimsy the holiday season inspires. Bright citrus and juicy pluot pair with notes of honey wine to make every sip of this wintery cup a magical moment.

"Holiday Blend is one of those coffees that comforts you with its complexity from start to finish. The body is velvety smooth, the acidity is crisp, and just enough bitterness envelops the tongue with ease. Enjoy this coffee and make every day a Holiday."

-Ricardo San Juan Barrios

Verve L.A. Regional Training Manager



Pluot • Orange Zest • Honey Wine


El Salvador · Ethiopia · Kenya


Washed • Natural





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Verve Coffee aims to cover the true essence of coffee craftsmanship, embracing the entire seed-to-cup journey as an art form. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and quality, they passionately navigate the realms of farming, roasting, cupping, and sourcing. ith Verve Coffee, you can indulge in the finest coffees, thoughtfully curated and ethically sourced, all while supporting a more equitable and sustainable coffee industry.
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