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Bean & Bean

Mexico COE #6 Finca Sinai Gesha Washed Mexico COE #6 Finca Sinai Gesha Washed
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xBloom proudly presents a first collaboration Bean & Bean Coffee Roasters from New York City,  offering the Mexico Cup of Excellence #6 Finca Sinai Gesha Washed. This award-winning coffee, scoring 89.91, comes from Finca Sinai in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is noted for its sweet, sugary complexity and elegant mouthfeel. Managed by Doña Antonia Ramírez and later her son Diego Woolrich, the farm benefits from the expertise of 10 women, the result is a coffee with a complex and elegant profile, boasting notes of jasmine, mango, brown sugar, and a transparent yet full mouthfeel. Washed and grown at an elevation of 1400m, this Gesha offers an unparalleled tasting experience. 


Jiyoon from Bean & Bean, serving as an international juror for the 2023 Mexico Cup of Excellence, was captivated by this coffee in the Top 10 round. We're excited to present this distinguished and unforgettable coffee as a testament to Bean & Bean's dedication to promoting gender equity in the coffee industry.



Jasmine · Mango · Brown sugar· Sweet & Sugary








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Bean & Bean
Rachel and Jiyoon Han
New York, NYC
New Jersey, NJ
Coffee is a universe in itself.
Why We Love Bean & Bean
At xBloom, we're inspired by Bean & Bean, led by the dynamic Mother Daughter Q Grader Duo™. Since its inception in 2008, Bean & Bean's journey from a single shop to a flourishing roastery in Queens, New York, mirrors our values of growth and community impact. We're particularly impressed by their focus on empowering female coffee producers, with over half of their coffee sourced from female-led farms. This dedication to addressing the gender gap in the coffee industry resonates deeply with us. Brewing Bean & Bean's coffee means supporting a movement for equality and positive change, something we at xBloom wholeheartedly embrace and admire.
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