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Tropical Weather

Tropical Weather

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Sunny and refreshing tropical flavors with bright acidity and a clean finish.

  • Single-origin coffee from a tropical region.
  • Bright acidity with tropical fruit flavors and a clean finish.
  • Evokes the essence of a sunny and refreshing coffee experience.


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Mixed berries · Sweet tea · Raw Honey · Plum




Natural, Washed





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Selection of coffees in our package may vary based on seasonal availability. We may substitute any coffee with another of equal or greater value without prior notice. Packaging may vary from pictures shown.
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With our subscription or Roast-to-Order, you're in control of what and when you receive your coffee. Our service ensures you'll always have a steady supply of xPods filled with freshly roasted coffee beans delivered right to your door. For subscriptions, simply choose your preferred coffee or collections, and select how often you want it delivered - biweekly, or monthly.

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A Closer Look
  • The xPod revolution

    xPod = Compostable dripper + Freshly roasted beans + Brewing Recipes.

  • Use your own beans

    Brew your own beans
    Pour in your favorite beans and start brewing. Experience a cleaner brewing process with our next-gen Omni Dripper, featuring advanced anti-static technology for less grind mess.

  • Customize your recipe

    "Get Creative" using our smart app. Personalize settings to match your taste with a few phone taps. That's over 1 trillion combinations for coffee on your terms.

Onyx Coffee Lab
Jon Allen and Andrea Allen est. 2011
Rogers, Ark. USA
Seeking quality, truth and accountability in coffee.
Why We Love Onyx
Onyx Coffee is fueled by a relentless pursuit of the world's finest coffees. With a commitment to high standards in scoring and taste, they meticulously roast and cup each coffee, ensuring its exceptional quality. From comprehensive training to warm and welcoming cafes, Onyx Coffee embodies excellence, hospitality, and a passion for delivering an exceptional coffee experience.

Enjoy ONYX with xbloom

Founder Jon Allen had this to say about xBloom: "What drew me to partner with xBloom was that the team flew here with the machine and just let us taste the coffee. This is seldom seen in start-up technology. I really like they let the coffee speak for itself and it was delicious."

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