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Chromatic Coffee

Black Cherry Black Cherry
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Here for a very limited-time only, Black Cherry is an exclusive single-origin drop from Chromatic Coffee, perfect for a holiday treat. In the cup, expect a unique fusion of berry, stone fruit, and citrus notes, resulting from a blend of meticulous fermentation and drying techniques.

The 'Black Cherry process' is the result of years of innovation and experimentation. Coined by the Torres family of Rivas, Costa Rica, this process brings out truly exciting and juicy flavors which are sure to impress. 


Black Cherry • Blackberry • Cardamon • Pomegranate


Costa Rica


Experimental Cherry Ferment Dry Process




Single Origin

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  • The xPod revolution

    xPod = Compostable dripper + Freshly roasted beans + Brewing Recipes.

  • Use your own beans

    Brew your own beans
    Pour in your favorite beans and start brewing. Experience a cleaner brewing process with our next-gen Omni Dripper, featuring advanced anti-static technology for less grind mess.

  • Customize your recipe

    "Get Creative" using our smart app. Personalize settings to match your taste with a few phone taps. That's over 1 trillion combinations for coffee on your terms.

Chromatic Coffee
Hiver van Geenhoven and James Warren, est. 2012
San Jose, CA
Craftsmanship over ease and quality over convenience.
Why We Love Chromatic
Chromatic Coffee, a Bay Area native coffee brand, is an embodiment of light, liveliness, and carefully crafted roasting profiles that bring out the natural beauty and complexity of each coffee variety. They take pride in sourcing their beans meticulously and supporting local initiatives whenever possible. From hot-stamping their own bags to maintaining their own machines, Chromatic is committed to quality and innovation.
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