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Equator Holiday Blend Equator Holiday Blend
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Celebrate the warmth of connecting with the people in your life this holiday season over Equator’s Holiday Blend. Featuring 100% organic certified mix from Guatemala, Ethiopia, and Nicaragua, this blend delivers flavors of shortbread, cranberry jam, and poached pear. It's like a holiday dessert in a cup, offering a warm and comforting coffee experience. Crafted for the season, it's not just a coffee but a celebration of sustainable and ethical sourcing.

Equator donates 5% of the sales from their holiday blend coffee to their origin partners at Coordinadora de Organizaciones de Desarrollo de Concepción Huista (better known as "CODECH"), a Guatemalan cooperative they have been purchasing from since 2017. These funds provide organic fertilizer and training to 38 lower-income producers, enhancing coffee quality and yields while raising their income for the upcoming season.



Shortbread · Cranberry Jam · Poached Pear


Guatemala • Ethiopia • Nicaragua


Washed • Natural





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Equator Coffees
Brooke and Helen, 1995
Marin County, California
San Francisco/Los Angeles
Blazing the Trail for Sustainability
Why We Love Equator Coffees
At xBloom, we're inspired by Equator's trailblazing journey from a garage startup to a social impact leader, committed to both exceptional coffee quality and sustainability practices that truly make lives better. In fact, Equator is driven by the philosophy that drinking good coffee leads to good things. Its name represents the path around the planet that connects us all, and as it treads that path from bean to sip, it tries to make everything it touches better.
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