Meet xBloom - Coffee By People, For People

Meet xBloom - Coffee By People, For People

We imagined the at-home coffee experience differently…

We believe that every good cup of coffee is built on solid community foundations, and it's our mission to support and raise awareness of the incredible people from around the world putting their hearts and souls into the craft of coffee. We do this by transforming the experience of at-home coffee drinking. Our beautifully designed, intuitive machines make artisan coffee possible; our intelligent and inclusive marketplace puts the community at their fingers tips. Suddenly the diverse, creative, eclectic culture of global coffee is available in every cup. 


The best-kept secret in the coffee world has been brewing for centuries. Pour over coffee was invented by a German lady named Amalie Auguste Melitta Bentz in the 1900s. Dissatisfied with the bitterness of percolator coffee and the grounds left behind in her cup, she was committed to finding a tastier, cleaner cup of coffee. 

Despite a long and perhaps unfashionable history, pour over artisan coffee has made its way into the upscale specialty coffee houses, and rightly so. Watching a master barista dedicate time and precision to each pour is enthralling; there’s an elegance about it, and the dedication of skill commands attention for all those that walk by. 

If you step into any specialty coffee shop today, you'll see at least one pour over coffee device. Master baristas and coffee lovers alike often cherish the brewing process. Each pour delivers complex flavors and aromas, with a delightfully smooth experience not always found in other methods. If you love filter or drip coffee or a long black but haven't tried this method, now is your moment.




Pour over coffee is a real celebration, a ritual if you will that honors and extracts the very best of each bean. The beauty behind each pour is in the precision grind, longer brewing process, and slower filtering of water through the grounds. With each unique bean comes a unique method to extract its best flavors and aromas. Grind size, water temperature, pressure, flow, pattern, ground weight, and more all play an essential role in delivering intricate flavor. 

Traditionally, it's the job of a barista to accurately brew any given bean into a perfect cup of coffee. Their master-level skill doesn’t come easy; hours of dedication, practice, trial, error, and lots of coffee drinking are required to achieve consistency and precision. 

But with coffee, this great, why leave it to only the professionals? 
And so, we made it our mission to encapsulate the passion of master baristas and the true art of making coffee into a beautifully designed intuitive coffee machine that transforms the experience of at-home coffee drinking. 




So more people can now experience the delicate complexity of pour over coffee at home. With a professional-grade grinder, bean-specific pouring techniques, ultra-precision embedded scale, access to some of the world’s master growers and roasters, and especially access to barista recommended recipes for each bean, coffee drinkers will have the perfect pour every time.


We welcome everyone involved in making this bean-to-cup process possible - whether you farm, source, process, roast coffee or bring the best flavors out of a bean - to join our mission to make this beautiful and amazing specialty coffee art more accessible to everyone.



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