Introduction to Coffee Processing (Natural)

Introduction to Coffee Processing (Natural)

Brewing the perfect pot of coffee is an art form. So today we want to share a natural coffee processing and help you to become a coffee expert yourself! Pour-over brewing is a great way to experiment with a natural coffee processing technique. 

Dry processing is the oldest and most traditional way to process coffee. In this method, the coffee cherries are allowed to dry in the sun or on heated drying beds. They are raked regularly to ensure even drying. Besides, natural processed coffee still has some of this fruit layer intact, which helps to keep the acidity levels lower. This method can take up to four weeks.

Farmers using the natural method, also need to sort the coffee cherries by ripeness. The ripe cherries are then placed on raised beds and sun-dried until they reach the desired moisture content. Once they’re dried, the beans are hulled to remove the outer layer. The natural coffee beans are then ready to be roasted. Earthy, chocolatey, and fruity are the most common flavor profiles used in the method. 

If you prefer a more complex and unique cup of coffee, then natural processing is your #1 choice.

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