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La Cabra

Umutumba Burundi Umutumba Burundi
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Umutumba is a great example of the archetypal washed Burundi profile, with delicate black tea balanced by dried fruit sweetness in the cup, reminiscent of raisin and apricot. This coffee is a part of La Cabra’s first release from the Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi. 

The Long Miles Project, initiated by Ben and Kristy Carlson in 2013, works with over 5,000 coffee farmers in Burundi, overcoming significant challenges to produce specialty coffee in the region. Carefully controlled washed processing results in delicate black tea and soft dried fruit notes, offering a sweet and balanced cup profile.


    Please note La Cabra coffees will rotate regularly due to single origin seasonality! 



    Black tea · Soft dried fruit








    Single Origin

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    La Cabra
    Esben Piper
    Aarhus, Denmark
    New York City
    Obsessive about providing outstanding coffee experiences
    Why We Love La Cabra
    La Cabra, hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, is a testament to the transformative power of curiosity and dedication in the world of coffee. La Cabra is an xBloom regular, we collaborate and carry their coffee in our xPods form. Their authentic and novel approach not only earned them a sterling reputation locally but also captured the attention of the global coffee community. Today, we are presenting their coffee to the global coffee community. Their unique methods, often viewed by traditionalists as a compromise between filter and espresso are seen by La Cabra as an opportunity to create transparent and memorable coffee experiences. La Cabra is a story of passion and unrelenting pursuit of excellence in coffee, from a small Danish town to the global stage.
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