The Master Gallery: Curators of Flavor & Community


At the heart of the gallery are our curators, discover collections that reflect their values, standards, and beliefs; showcasing their expertise, passion, and unique perspectives. Join us on a journey through the flavors and communities of passionate people in the coffee industry, curated by esteemed coffee connoisseurs. Become a part of the premier coffee gallery experience with xBloom Curator Series.

  • 2020 US Barista Champion
    Andrea Allen

    As 2021 WBC Finalist & co-owner of Onyx, Andrea believes coffee‘s key ingredients are kindness, humility, and service to connect meaningfully with others.

  • Program Manager & Social Influencer
    Brian Quan

    With a deep appreciation for the flavors and value of coffee, Brian seeks to enhance the coffee industry's perception and foster sustainability through his work at xBloom.

  • Coffee Expert & Author
    Scott Rao

    Bringing over 25 years of experience in the pursuit of coffee quality and consistency, Scott's journey is fueled by exploration and inspired by global coffee cultures.

  • 2017 US Barista Champion
    Kyle Ramage

    Kyle has dedicated himself to curating an global network of industry-leading coffee producers.

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