Not Another Crowdfunding Flop… The xBloom Project Explained Product, Partners & Prowess

Not Another Crowdfunding Flop… The xBloom Project Explained Product, Partners & Prowess

We get it. Take a look at any crowdfunding site out there and you’ll come across thousands of different projects looking for investment. Not all of these inspired ideas will make it, but there are several key elements to consider when making your assessment. The product itself is a good place to start, but factors such as expertise and the team driving the project forward are worth evaluating. 

At xBloom, we can confidently say we tick all the boxes regarding this list of considerations. There are four key reasons why we believe we’re on the path to success. And we’re not the only ones! Let’s dive in.

We're Further Along the Product Development Cycle

Many crowdfunding projects look to raise funding at the start of the product development cycle, increasing the probability of failure. If you’re in the initial design phase, you have a much longer road ahead and haven’t had as much opportunity to identify blockers or problems that will lead to future failure. 

By contrast, at xBloom, we started the design process almost a year ago and are already closing the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage and moving into the Design Validation Test (DVT) phase. In simple terms, this means that we are further down the road. For products like ours, the EVT stage is often the most critical as it determines if there are any fundamental design flaws. As we move into the DVT phase, we know that’s not the case. 

Some coffee industry experts recently tested our EVT prototype and we've received great feedback! Stay tuned for the review videos. We’ve already sent our prototype for FCC and UL certification and expect to hear a positive outcome soon.

We're Pretty Proud of Our Team

From universities to boardrooms across the globe, Apple’s design philosophy is studied universally by those looking to achieve success in the field of product design. Renowned for excellence, simplicity and quality, those in the field collectively look to emanate the Apple essence. 

So it's worth highlighting that our team comprises a variety of Apple product design veterans with decades of experience successfully launching hardware and software products for some of the top-tier tech companies in the world. They have the expertise that marks the difference between having a great idea and being able to execute it.


We Work With Credible Suppliers

Beyond our team, this kind of project relies on close collaboration with third parties who understand the concept and have the skills and materials to make it a reality. At xBloom, we align ourselves with manufacturers who supply some of the world’s leading organizations, including Tesla and Apple. They are famous for their quality and design, elements that are of critical importance to us at xBloom.

They don’t work with anyone. With a reputation to protect, these manufacturers pick and choose the projects they work on, so we see our partnership as a vote of confidence on their part that the xBloom product is on the path to success.

We Have the Seal of Approval from the Industry's Finest

We’re delighted to work with some of the most renowned coffee roasters in the market, including Joe Coffee Company, and Intelligentsia. And our list of partners continues to grow! Not only is this fantastic news for our marketplace, as customers will be able to buy directly from these incredible companies. But they have also tested our machine.

Their collaboration with xBloom is probably the most striking reason investors should take our idea seriously. The experts in the field understand our mission, were impressed with what they saw and want to form a part of this exciting initiative because they trust in our technology.

Transparency is Key

We hope our credentials, progress and partners help set the right tone for anyone interested in backing xBloom. As we continue on this journey, we promise to be transparent about any risks, challenges, and issues we face along the way, as well as how and when we’ll resolve them. Interested in receiving regular updates on our progress? You can opt in here! Or join our Facebook group and ask our founders any questions you might have.




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