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Aviary Coffee

Jhon Didier Chiroso Jhon Didier Chiroso
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This washed Chiroso lot is the entirety of Jhon Didier Trujillo's first harvest—as well as his first export—and presents with a dense, sugared cup with bright tamarind-like acidity.

From Christopher: "When my friends at Unblended told me that they were working with a new producer in their network—one who had never exported to the U.S. before—I asked to taste the coffee and to learn more. Even in years when prices in the local market are strong, coffee as an export product offers the potential for stronger prices and greater resiliency to market volatility. I knew that the work Unblended was doing in opening specialty export channels could be transformative for a smallholder; the other side of that equation is that it requires a buyer. I cupped Jhon Didier's coffee blind on a table with 11 other offers from three exporters and fell in love with its sweetness, structured acidity and intensity of flavor. I was surprised to learn that this was not just his first export—but also his first year of production.

"In the best case, it takes a coffee tree three years to produce; typically, though, it can take anywhere from 4-5 years for a tree to reach full production. This means that for someone looking to begin growing coffee, it's an investment—one with an uncertain outcome. When he decided to begin growing coffee, he planted what he called Caturra Chiroso using seeds he got from Carmen Montoya, whose father got seedlings from Fabian Castrillon, who brought the trees to Urrao from Sonson. Genetic testing performed using a separation of two different varieties called "Chiroso" in a collaboration between Unblended and Sey revealed the coffee's true genetic origins as a likely Ethiopian landrace—origins that explain the coffee's high quality potential. Seeking a high price for his coffee, knowing that quality was important, and hearing that Chiroso from Urrao has become well-known among specialty buyers, Jhon planted exclusively Chiroso on his farm—5,000 trees under the shade of lulo and banana trees.

"In his first harvest, those trees produced just 116kg of exportable green coffee, all of which I purchased for Aviary. The first 24kg of the lot was released through xBloom and was previewed at SCA Expo in Chicago in April.

This coffee is vibrant, tropical, dense and sweet with notes of brown sugar, tamarind, apricot and grapefruit with a slight florality like marigold.



Vibrant · Grapefruit · Tropical · Peach · Brown sugar · Lime






Caturra Chiroso


Single Origin

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Aviary Coffee
Christopher Feran
Cleveland, Ohio
A healthy coffee farm really is an aviary.
Why We Love Aviary
Aviary represents the epitome of forward-thinking coffee culture, embodying sustainability and innovation in every batch they roast. We admire Aviary's dedication to small-volume, e-commerce, direct-to-consumer practices, and especially their principles of environmental and economic sustainability. Their approach—meticulously crafting each batch with a focus on quality and sustainability—mirrors our dedication to enhancing the coffee experience through advanced brewing technology. Aviary not only presents coffee from a unique philosophical standpoint but also embodies the change we support in the industry.
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