Updates on xBloom Studio: First Batch Shipped!

Updates on xBloom Studio: First Batch Shipped!

We are so excited about this machine that conveys the core value of xBloom, Brew Beyond Boundaries, is finally here.


Introducing you, xBloom Studio, the ultimate machine for specialty coffee. With a grinder, brewer, and scale seamlessly integrated into one design, its unparalleled intelligence and versatility bring magic to every brew.





This week is quite buzzing for the coffee community! We released the Studio on April 29th and hosted a fun live stream and Q&A session to give a live demo of the Studio.






What’s more, we packed and shipped the first batch of machines from the Factory!




Here’s a glimpse of just a portion of the Studio machines waiting to be opened and start brewing delicious coffee for you.






xBloom Coffee Discord Channel is finally here! We look forward to chatting with you there.



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