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All You Need to Know about The Best of Panama

Ever wonder why some specialty coffees are labeled with "BOP" and come with a hefty price tag? "BOP" stands for "Best of Panama." This prestigious competition, organized by the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama, highlights the highest quality coffees from the region. The competition has gained international acclaim, with winning coffees often fetching high prices at auctions due to their exceptional quality and unique flavor profiles. So, when you see "BOP" on a coffee bag, you're looking at some of the finest and most sought-after beans in the world.

Since 1996, the Best of Panama represents the opportunity for local estates to promote the quality of their harvests, as this competition is overseen and judged by national and international experts in the specialty coffee industry.

The Best of Panama, or BOP as simply put, is a very important to the specialty coffee community, as it continuously raises the bar for the quality the community strive to offer.

The Best of Panama 2024: Scores


The Elida Geisha Natural Torre lot from Lamastus Family Estates was crowned as the champion of the Natural Geishas category with a score of 95.13 out of 100 in the competition. Back in April, we had the chance to feature the amazing Elida Estate Catuai ASD Natural as our limited release collaboration with Proud Mary Coffee Roaster.

Additionally, it won the Panama Cup by accumulating the highest total points, 13 in total. In the Washed Geishas category, the top spot went to the Kaisen Finca Larayne batch from Marcus Durán, which scored 95.5 points. A remarkable highlight was the Black Moon Constellation Chiroso batch from Black Moon Farm, which set a historical record in the varietal category with a score of 94.13. 

Hunter Tedman, president of the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP), said that: "it is a source of pride not only for the producer, but for the country, that Panama Geisha continues to remain a reference for coffees of specialty worldwide."

More about The BoP: A Platform for Excellence



For coffee growers, the Best of Panama is more than just a competition; it’s a vital event that continually pushes the boundaries of quality. Each year, producers are encouraged to enhance the standards of their coffee to meet the rigorous demands of the competition. This annual challenge drives innovation and excellence, ensuring that only the finest coffees make it to the top.

Insightful Judging Process



The national and international panel of judges provide invaluable feedback that helps growers understand market preferences. This insight goes beyond assessing quality; it delves into flavors, processes, and unique characteristics that buyers are seeking. Such detailed feedback is instrumental for producers to refine their techniques and improve their coffee offerings year after year.

Organized by Experts



The Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) is the mastermind behind the Best of Panama. SCAP meticulously designs and organizes the event to uphold the highest standards of integrity and excellence. Their dedication ensures that the competition remains a premier platform for showcasing the best that Panamanian coffee has to offer.

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