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Pair Cupworks

Strawberry Gesha Blend Strawberry Gesha Blend
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This blend roasted exclusively for xBloom community combines the daring Strawberry Co-fermented Coffee from Colombia with the bold Natural-Processed Geisha from Nicaragua. 


Brayan Alvear's innovative strawberry-co-fermented beans from Acevedo, Huila, dazzle with their sweet, candy-like strawberry essence, processed through a unique 24-hour pre-fermentation and a 5-day anaerobic fermentation with dehydrated fruits.


Paired with this, the Geisha from La Bastilla Coffee Estates in Jinotega, Nicaragua, offers a contrast with its vibrant notes of sweet plum, cherry juice, and chocolate. The Geisha's natural processing at La Bastilla, a farm known for its diverse micro-lots and meticulous care, brings out a punchier, more pronounced flavor profile. 



Strawberry · Chocolate · Melon


Colombia · Nicaragua


Strawberry Co-Ferment · Natural


Geisha · Castillo · Caturra · Pink Bourbon



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Pair Cupworks
Kimhak Em & Eugenia Tai
Mesa, Arizona
Tempe, Arizona
Your roast, you cup, you evaluate.
Why We Love Pair Cupworks
Starting by hosting pop-ups, they have carved a niche in Phoenix's coffee scene, aspiring to grow their brand and establish a permanent presence. The name 'Pair Cupworks' symbolizes their partnership and the art of pairing expertly crafted cups with their coffee. From the carefully roasted beans on a Huky 500 to the beautifully crafted pottery that pairs with the coffee, every aspect of Pair Cupworks is a testament to their dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Their journey from a home roasting setup to aspiring for a permanent establishment speaks volumes of their dedication to their craft and the specialty coffee community.
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