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Modcup Coffee

Fruity Affair Fruity Affair
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Get ready for a tropical fruit bomb with xBloom’s latest limited release from Modcup Coffee: Wilton Benitez Pink Bourbon, especially if you’ve enjoyed or missed out on our last release, the Nuruk Gesha also from Wilton Benitez’s lot. Pink Bourbon is a rare variety known for its bright acidity and lemonade-like flavors, undergoes yeast fermentation and thermal shock, yielding intense tropical flavors.


As described by Brian, xBloom’s coffee manager, it fills the room with passion fruit aromas and tastes like strawberry yogurt, offering a layered mouthfeel. When cooled, a bittersweet acidity evolves to a sweet, rounded finish.



Strawberry · Rhubarb · Yogurt




Thermal Shock Yeast Fermentation


Pink Bourbon


Single Origin

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Modcup Coffee
Travas Clifton
Journal Square, Jersey City
Hoboken, New Jersey
We Are The Mods - Coffee and Music - Unite Don't Fight
Why We Love Modcup Coffee Roasters
The Mods believes that future is bright, caffeinated, and soulful. At Modcup, coffee isn't just a drink; it's a journey in every cup. Known for their meticulous small-batch & lighter roasting, they capture unique flavors and aromas, transforming beans into extraordinary experiences. The essence of Modcup extends beyond their vibrant cafes; it resonates in their music, rooted in Jazz and Soul, reflecting the spirit of British modernism. From the Beatles to The Clash, their love for music parallels their passion for coffee. Born from a vision at a Willem Boot coffee course in San Francisco, Modcup began with a humble coffee cart in Hoboken, New Jersey. Now, from their Jersey City roastery, they embody a Punk/Rave DIY ethos, blending a rich community spirit with their dedication to freshly roasted, natural-processed coffees. Join the xBloom and Modcup collaboration, where each cup is a celebration of flavor, music, and the unity of an ever-evolving community.
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